Our mission is to bring to discerning caterers a full range of quality fresh British meats from local suppliers along with a superb range of quality fresh and frozen foods. We have excellent relationships with our suppliers, allowing us to source almost any product needed by our customers.

Our branded Beef is “Windrush Meade” British beef, mainly slaughtered and prepared at “Mutchmeats,” Witney and from Collicut Meats in Cheltenham. We then work with a carefully chosen range of suppliers to source products for our range, giving a complete service to our client base.

Meat Suppliers
Beef and Lamb

Mutchmeats Witney
Collicut Meats, Gloucester
Meat suppliers
Pork and Lamb

Collicut Meats, Gloucester, 
Mutchmeats, Witney, Orchard Farm
Poultry suppliers
Banham Poultry, Norfolk, JAK Foods, Ipswich, Creedy Carver, Devon
Smoked suppliers
Smoked Products

Coln Valley Smokery
Game suppliers
Local Game

Rogers Game, Upton Smokery, Cornbury Park

Midland Chilled-Willenhall, Galar Spanish Charcuterie Meats
Cheese suppliers

Godsells Cheese, Oxford Blue cheese, Cernay Ash, Carron Lodge, Midland Chilled-Willenhall
Fish suppliers
Fresh Fish

Shetland Seafoods, North Sea

Belazu Ltd (The Fresh Olive Company), London

We are always seeking local and innovative local suppliers, so please get in touch.